Sunday, April 5, 2020

More Corona news update

I know that people have started to feel sick hearing about this uncontrollable virus which has broken out of the confines of Chinese City of Wuhan and out to the Whole world including major outbreaks in Italy, Iran and Spain. Other advanced countries are also not immune any more as seen by surging cases in U.K, Belgium and United State. They were I guess late to the party and if you are late, you will leave late too. So is this case that the case of infections is also increasing faster in the United States with several states under a state of lock down including New York, California and New Jersey and all 50 states have now cases of Corona Virus. Life has been upended for a lot of people as young people have never seen this kind of situation before in their lives. Exams are being postponed, people are working from home, the retail and hospitable industries are closed and so are the people working in it are getting laid off right and left.
There are always losers and winners in every situation and so is the case with this Virus. Although it is hurting a lot of people but gas prices have gone down, Mortgage rates have gone down spiraling into a Mortgage and refinance boom. Pollution problem have come down considerably since most of the cars and planes and industries that do pollute have been shut down and air quality has increased. The Virus cases have gone down in some Far eastern countries but surging in the western world. There is a run on grocery stores and they have been stripped of essentials as people fear that with the current situation, the supplies may not be delivered. So there is panic situation all around, people are literally avoiding other people and keep a distance between each other to protect themselves. Internet use has gone up as people staying inside their homes are using internet to work from home and watch movies and keep their kids entertained. So although the overall situation is grim but hope for better times ahead as this phase will also pass.

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