Sunday, March 8, 2020

Elections 2020 in the United States

As an independent observer watching the ritual that the U.S. goes thru every four years to elect a new President, this year is no different except that an interesting array of Presidential hopefuls in the Democrat party are vying for the highest office in the Land. On the Republican side, there was short lived Challenger to the incumbent President but he dropped out early so the President is unchallenged for the reelection bid. But the Democrats who are falling over each other to promise the People of the United States the moon to get elected (like every politicians do around the world), this year is an interesting line up. There is a Self described socialist and then there are super liberals that they think only the west and east coast exists and they don’t have to worry about the Middle America and the South.  From all these candidates, they are promising like Medicare for all, open borders, Jail reform, environmental initiatives and what not. The most contentious is the Medicare for all (more on this later in another post), and they are providing rosy pictures of how much the Americans and the United States will save based on their own calculations and inspiring or energizing their supporters without giving us how their calculations will make sense in the time of major debt explosions, meaning how will they pay if something unexpected happens.
Numbers are being thrown at like these candidates will wave a magic wand and Dollars will appear out of nowhere. Also people tend to forget that all these fanciful ideas need to a Congressional approval and as every American knows, Congress is as united as your family and your in-laws ( in most cases). In fact, these candidates just want to get rid of the current President in any which way they can and in order to do that they are promising things that may not be able to be fulfill. Another thing that is not being advertised is that in the current Democratic front runners, there are two Jewish candidates and openly gay candidate plus two females. How will the candidate overcome this to be voted by Middle and Rural America is anybody’s guess. Plus one of the candidates has a fanciful slogan to him called a Democratic Socialist. How this will again resonate with the Heartland of America is up in the air. Again with all the ideas being thrown around, including raising taxes on everybody to pay for ideas like Medicare for all, elimination of Student debt, Free college education and increased expenditures without having a vague plan from where it is going to be paid. As anybody knows that we don’t know about the future so all these plans may well end up in the garbage since it assumes a ten year period coverage and with the Corona Virus spreading, the growth of the economy may not support these fanciful ideas apart from resistance from the American public and court challenges. The United States is a Democracy and every citizen has a say in what does happen in their country, it is not a Autocrat or Monarchy where one person can order and things start happening. Apart from this, the politician promises are limited in what they can achieve and all these fanciful ideas need money and support and if majority of the citizens are against it for whatever reason then you will get another four years of chaos in Washington.

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