Sunday, March 22, 2020

Corona, Corona and more Corona

The world is getting too much crazy with Corona Virus also now known as COVID-19 (also known as Wuhan Virus, where it started and China Virus, but I will stick with COVID-19. After China, the most affected ones are Italy and Iran. In fact Italy has completely closed down its country meaning no coming in and out and it is the most restrictive movement of people in a democracy since World War II. Iran has the most deaths and the numbers are rising faster, although it is not clear if the numbers of deaths and infections are being under reported or not, just like in China, which we would never know. Spain has also joined the club, imposing a near complete lock down of its country. Saudi Arabia has banned international flights, United Arab Emirates has also followed suit and borders are being closed right and left in order to desperately contain the Virus which is sparing no country.
The United States have imposed a 30 days ban on all flights and to and from Europe and declared a National Emergency as the cases are rising faster. Apart from the Fear of Corona Virus, the economic collapse of the world trade is also continuing with the Stock Market nose diving everywhere and people are hurting who are daily wagers and who work in retail business like stores, restaurants, etc. Companies have started to tell their employees to work from home if they have that option. And during all this panic, people are fighting over hand sanitizers and toilet paper, in fact many videos have surfaced about how people are literally being physical with people who have supplies of toilet papers in their carts. But as panic grips people, there is no shortage of goods or toilet paper, it is just that people don’t want to spend extra 10 to 15 cents more on toilet paper that is readily available in less well known stores and it is only the well known ones that are showcased on the media that is being seen by people as having shortage of it. Anyway due to this Virus, the world has already entered into an unofficial recession and the longer it lasts the longer it will devastate economies world wide with the wider effects being felt by poorer countries. A vaccine although a top priority right now is almost a year away if by any chance we get a vaccine before that time frame. People are now hoping that the approaching summer season with halt the spread of the Virus and hopefully things will start to return to normal but how normal it will be remains to be seen as this Virus is not sparing anyone rich or poor.

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