Monday, February 17, 2020

The world is being Coronized

I have not being writing much for the past several months, since I was not in the mood to write long ass essays to what I think what is happening in the world but I owe it to myself and my readers to start writing again in addition to giving them my reviews on the movies that I watch. Anyway the latest scare that is scaring up the world and bringing with it the ugly aspect of racism is the virus called Corona or what the World health organization finally decided to call it COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease Year 2019) and it is still being called it a Wuhan virus, the city where it all started and which is still in an unprecedented lock-down only China can initiate. Before it was called the China Virus (and some people I believe still call it that name).  Although most of the deaths have been reported in China along with the majority of infected people, 26 countries have reported the Corona virus among their individual citizens.
Most of the foreigners have been evacuated to their respected countries but some curiously have not due to weak health infrastructure at home or some other reason. The virus has not slowed down and it is doubtful that the full tally of fatalities (up til the time of this writing 1770 mostly in China) will ever be truthful but China being China with strict censorship in place, the tally of those having died of the Virus will never be known. Also with this disease, the racism against Chinese people has started to creep in. I would not blame them as people are genuinely scared of what they don’t know and they will blame a particular race or region or anybody who has the disease, they will discriminate and this will not stop. Here I am not endorsing racism or behavior of people but a fear of the unknown brings the worst in people which should not be but it is here and people need to stop this racist attitude. The people of the world are all in this together and we should be fighting this disease and urging the Chinese government to open up its society so that if another virus occur, it should be tackled early on and effectively instead of waiting for a few weeks and censoring news and people cause the economy of China and the world are so intertwined right now that the world cannot afford to waste time and wait for the only one country to tackle viruses cause the virus does not have a now or need a visa or passport to travel across countries.  

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