Monday, February 17, 2020

The Impeachment that never was

As I don’t adhere to any political party and as a neutral observer, the impeachment seems a non starter to me. The Democrats in the House of Representatives wanted to get rid of the President any which way they can and the Impeachment process this late in the Presidency when the elections of the President is so nearby just does not seems the right decision to me. First it was the Russia Investigation and every day the news of this investigation was making me sick and tired of the antics of the Democratic Party. And ultimately what happened, the investigation came to an inconclusive end. Then when this investigation was done, the impeachment process started since the Democrats alleged that the President interfered and used his influence in the Ukraine. I don’t understand this, how a small country besieged by Russia can can influence or the President can seek their influence in the elections.
It was a foregone conclusion that the Senate with the Majority in the hands of the Republicans will not vote for impeachment of the President come what may. The Democrats needed two third or approximately 67 votes to impeach the President and with the majority of Republicans on the side of the President, the Democrats had no chance to get some of the Republican senators to switch. I am no scholar of the U.S. Constitution but I believe and what I have read from my college years that the Constitution grants the U.S. President unlimited powers almost akin to the Monarchy but not quite there. The Democrats knew this but still desperate to show that the President has done some wrong kept on investigating and still are not satisfied with the leaving him alone. Maybe most of the people may not agree with my assessment but the facts are there that the economy is stronger than ever and the Democrats have no legs to stand on their impeachment quest.  Maybe if they turn down the hatred and rhetoric and work on winning an election with moderate views, they will earn more respect and more votes. The Current President will remain as he is so no use going after him with inconclusive facts and concentrate on winning the next election (which uptil now I don’t see the Democrats winning)

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