Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Yemen Conflict

It has been more than a year that the Yemen Civil War started with the rebels supposedly backed by Iran and the Saudi Coalition backing the so called legitimate government bombing the rebels going at each other. But there is no end in sight now since the latest bombing on a funeral home that killed more than 130 people among them prominent tribal leaders and some who were in favor of peace talks. The U.S. has now also joined in the fighting which will not help matters in the region. The Saudi government in fear (or hatred) of the supposedly Iranian backed Shiite rebels has (forcibly) assembled some countries in a coalition of the unwilling to keep on bombing the rebels till they are defeated and a Saudi friendly government is installed in Yemen. For this they are spending heavily in this war which is draining their foreign exchanges amidst a downturn in oil prices. Despite all the efforts of the Saudi Led coalition, I don’t see any end to this conflict as this war is not going to be ending with both sides using firepower in their quest to enforce their own version of government. It would have been better if both sides would have sit down face to face to resolve their differences and come to some reasonable accommodation for both sides. But the increasing death toll in this conflict is making sure that the rebels have dug in their trenches and this war may turn into another middle east conflict where there is no end to the hatred and revenge being carried for years into the future.

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