Friday, October 7, 2016

On the lighter side-Travel-Maui-Hawaii

Just before I start to write my journey to Hawaii this year, let me makes this clear that whatever product I have used during my vacation is not being endorsed by me and neither have been paid a penny for it. I will just post what I found good or bad in whatever product or service I used. So we were not supposed to go this year to Hawaii but since I have heard about how beautiful Maui was and how I wanted to go there, my wife found a deal which we were very reluctant to let go despite going the second year in a row to Hawaii. The plan tickets were damn cheap but with a stopover in between which was not bad since a trip to Hawaii from New York takes about eleven hours. The airline was American Airlines and we were supposed to fly first to Phoenix, Arizona I believe it was their Hub and from there straight to Maui. As the vacation goes, the most hated part of it was to do the packing. Well since we had to go as you imagine, we did pack on time and since we wanted not to lose one day, we took the earliest most flight around 7 o’clock in the morning. Since Hawaii is six hours behind New York, it was perfect that we could still get some sunlight when we reach Maui. As you know we did not get enough sleep the night before and were feeling sleepy on the way to the airport as it was pitch dark when we woke up. Anyway the security went smoothly and we boarded the flight without much hassle.

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