Sunday, September 18, 2016

The French Burkini Ban

Since early last year when I switched jobs, it has been a hell of a ride as I became busier and also the transition was not as smooth as I seemed to hope as bosses were changed but not for the better and the work load was enormous. It did not help either that the IT system sucked and the outsourcing is not up to par. Any now that I have somewhat settled down (never) I will start to write my blog in more numbers as previously done. I have been looking at all the events that are happening around the world but were unable to write about it as the reasons mentioned above. I have been keenly following the French Burkini ban by some towns to stop the spread of Islamic Extremism (supposedly) and also to assert the French government official position of it being staunchly secular and does not want to promote any religious identity (read: Islamic). But despite being secular, there is a French Christmas holiday and I am sure they are not as Godless as they portray to be. But my question is will a Burkini ban will be able to assimilate the marginalized Muslim Population or will it send furthermore those Muslims on the fringes of extremism to become more isolated and resentful of the ban. I believe the later would be the case and also why so much emphasis on what women are wearing. Does the state of France stops women from wearing headgear when they are performing religious duty in the church or when they wall outside ( I am talking specifically about the nuns). Why wearing a headscarf or burkini makes me an extremist and why France considers it a threat to its society even though France is a nuclear armed nation and most of its citizens (including Muslims) are peaceful.I believe that this Burkini ban is bigotry against anyone who is wearing it and it is not what the so called values of the French state should stand for.

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