Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Brexit Vote

Now that somewhat calm has settled down, let me give my two cents to the issue of Britain leaving the European Union. Initially I was all for Britain leaving as it would not have much impact but after reading much in detail and how the vote was done I am not sure the people who voted to opt out knew what they were getting into. There was also a signing petition to revote on the referendum which garnered more than four million signatures but it was just a case of crying over spilt milk. Once the referendum was done it was done. It was not like it came overnight, it was talked about it for so many months and many politicians campaigned for the stay movement. Most of the exit vote was supposedly done by people in the rural and small towns who were afraid of how the world around them was changing and especially the rhetoric about immigration was changing their cultures. I mean it was the old white folks who mostly voted to get out of Britain (mostly helped by exit favored politicians). I don’t know how it will be played out as many surveys and polls showing Britain to be the ultimate loser. But things are going to slowly change. I don’t believe that Britain should shut them out by restricting immigration as not all smart people live in Britain and they need people who can make Britain remain competitive. Let’s see how things are going to be played out but for now it does not look like the end of Europe as dire predictions about Brexit has not come to fruition (at least yet)

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