Sunday, November 27, 2011

The pressures of competition

As the world's population increase, the competition arena is getting tougher and tougher. It all boils down to who get the jobs and this starts from the day a baby is born. There is competition to get the best baby clothes, best doctors, best hospitals and list goes on and on and since there can only limited amount of every stuff available, the competition becomes very fierce and here whoever has the most money wins. In the education field, we seek out the best schools with the best teachers and for that we pay a lot of money.

Our students are constantly under pressure to compete harder and harder so that they can get admitted to a dwindling number of seats in the elite educational institutions of the country. And when they are competing against their friends for good grades, it is now not guaranteed that they will get the best jobs. Since the world has now changed and everybody it seems have embraced free market capitalism, the number of jobs being outsourced has increased leaving us with a smaller number of jobs with a higher number of candidates.Sometimes these pressures to compete take a psychological tool on our young generation. This pressure to compete will not stop even if we have an even pool of jobs for even pool of candidates because not every company can be world class or top tier and the pressure will be on the best companies to hire the best candidates and again the competition game will start and we are back to square one. It is not only in jobs on individual basis but among countries on the basis of exports, sports, militaries and any thing you can think off. I am sorry to say but the world will always have competition no matter what system it adopts.

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