Sunday, November 27, 2011

The need for enhanced cyber security

The hackers have been very busy lately attacking any corporation or government website at will and then proudly announcing to the world that they are the culprit. They don’t think it as a crime but as a matter of badge of honor and also they think that they are fighting the so called "capitalist" systems that exploit people everywhere.

But in addition to blaming the hackers, one think is for sure that they hackers despite fighting on behalf of the littleguys (most of you and me basically) have also done favor to the corporations and governments and exposed their vulnerability to their computer system. But despite this, the alleged victims keep on doing the same thing over and over again and exposing themselves to breach of security every now and then.I can understand that small businesses do not have the resources to pour into security of their computers but what about the big businesses? They should know that since being big, they are accessed by more people and hence trusted by them so the corporations should be having a fool proof security of their IT systems. But they have been careless enough not to pay attention to this aspect of their security. It is time that they are one step ahead of the hackers in enhancing their cyber security and use more longer and hard to detect passwords and constantly changing them every week to make sure they are not been targeted.

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