Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The email money scams

I still keep on getting these kinds of email where some so called attorney or some person is saying that he is dying or want to park his money with me or I have been included in a will and I will get millions. I usually and 100 percent delete this kind of email. Usually they are initiated from Nigeria but the more sophisticated one have originated from Europe too. Sometimes it comes direct to my person email account (despite the best efforts of the spam filter) but most of the time it goes directly to my spam filter. Here I don’t get this, if you have sent me several before and did not get a reply, why do you keep on persisting in sending me again and again.

On second thought, there are instances where people have been fooled into it and gave up their life savings and then come to regret it and that is how these scams keep on coming in and people are getting duped into it. I believe that the ease with which the internet facilitates faster and anonymous delivery of email (and sometimes really authentic ones too) have made the job of the scam artists easier and faster and they can devise various methods of duping gullible and unsuspecting people in relatively short time. I can only say that just be careful and don’t part away with your hard earn money in this too good to be true email money scams.

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