Saturday, August 27, 2011

Delusional by choice

We as an American people have decided that we would be delusional when it comes to fiscal responsibility. In times like these when everybody is talking about reducing Federal Deficit, in comes the American Public to say that they don’t want the politicians or any other for that matter to touch their Medicare and Social Security benefits, not surprising many people were also opposed to reducing the defense budget. And these folks (according to a recent poll) include the “beloved” TEA Party activists. Now I don’t know how we are ever able to reduce the deficit (and the debt also) when the majority oppose tax hikes, and majority also oppose any cuts to their entitlement benefits.

As I have said several times in the past in my blog that we will have to tackle the entitlement and the defense monster if we are going to have a decent dent in our debt growth, there is no way out of it and in the meanwhile (although I am oppose to tax hikes) it is a bitter truth that there will be tax hikes in the future. But right now we as a nation have lost all sense of reality and are trying to protect the unprotected part of the budget. This debate will keep on going and painful decision will be kept on postponing until we will have to the doomsday scenario budget cuts and tax hikes which I hope will not be necessary. We should stop our delusional decision and start working on reality.

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