Sunday, May 17, 2020

The ban on assault weapons in New Zealand and Canada

After the bigggest masssacre of people in New Zealand history, New Zealand clamp down ban on assault weapons and the same thing has now happened in Canada after a man killed more than 20 people in one of the worst mass shooting Canada has witnessed. The Prime Minister of Canada visibly shaken by the massacre decided to ban all types of Military style assault weapons saying that they have no place in a civilian society and their only purpose is to kill as many people in the shortest amount of time. One of my Canadian friend told me that his country has done it so why can’t the United States do it and I told him that the U.S. is a different society and it is enshrined in the Constitution that it is ther right of the people to keep and bear arms.
Although personally I am against any sort of restrictions of possession of firearms by the general public but there should be some sort of regulation and not everybody can own firearms (which would exclude people with mental health and convicts and minors). I will discusss this matter in more detail in my other post, but although the type of assault weapons used are ususally for military purposes there is be some sort of reason to keep these weapons at home. As I am in the United States, I am conflicted about the need to keep fire arms and need to make sure it is kept out of the hands of the criminals and minors and mentally disturbed people but how do we know that if you are selling a firearm to a completely law abiding citizen, that citizen may not snap in the future and use that to kill his neighbor or random strangers. That is the dilemma that has to be faced by all the authorized concerned.

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