Monday, September 3, 2018

Cultural Appropriation

Lately a great deal of hoopla is being raised in regard to Cultural appropriation. Meaning roughly the use of minority symbols and making it their own by the dominant culture (being the white one) or roughly like that. Now I am not from the dominant culture but I still don’t understand this concept. The people who are or may be doing it, they may have done it innocently and not to offend the minority people from whom they have borrowed temporarily the symbol. Some people who this later apologize but there are some who double down and say that they did not meant to do no harm. But in these times of cultural sensitivity or I should say political correction and also the social media that has all consumed us, there is less mercy shown to these apologies. I have read some of the comments regarding this new sympathy for the cultural appropriateness and they have not been kind.
Now I may not understand this but let me put it straight forward, maybe someone out there will have a different perspective then being overtly bias. If a white person tries to adopt a minority symbol, should people bend over themselves to denounce this or should be a cause of celebration that this symbol which was somehow unknown to the world outside of their cultural confinement has gained wider acceptability. Some people are also getting emotionally sensitive to Yoga now that the supposedly majority White population has embraced it wholeheartedly. And regarding disrespecting one’s culture, can someone please define what does even mean. In order to amend their past mistakes, if they have done so, some people have become champions of minorities and everything which is even in a slightest light mood gets shredded on social media. Anyway, I don’t see any cultural appropriation when the white majority is adopting minority stuff. To me, they are not making it their own but giving free publicity and making it known to the wider outside world.

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