Sunday, August 5, 2018

Slavery by Choice

Recently a famous rapper said on an interview that slavery was a choice. The shocking part was that the rapper is an African American but with outrageous and outspoken views. But this created a backlash but not if it were a white person and the issue has been quietly put down due to his supposedly erratic behavior. Although I had to scramble back to my history books and look to see if this was true, but could not find anything. His point was that the slaves were far numerous and they had weapons in the shape of their agricultural tools so they could have fought back. And as such they were not only physically slaved but also mentally. Now this is somewhat the alt-right or white supremacists people have been saying in one way or the other. But here I am not talking about what they are saying but what this African American rapper said that caused a few surprising ripples and then it died down.
He has all the right to say what he wants and people have the right to be outraged too but the most unsettling and hypocritical part is that the African American community shrugged it like it did not matter but if a white person would have said that out aloud, he would have been censured severely by white liberals and minorities. I can see a definite hypocritical manner in how this situation is handled and there is definitely a bias in how some people will protect their own even when he tries to insult them.

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