Sunday, April 15, 2018

What’s up with Sanctuary places?

So California has been declared a sanctuary state and some other places where the illegal immigrants (what else do you want me to call them, undocumented people, aliens etc) can rest at peace and may not be reported to the Federal immigration authorities. So some places are defying the federal law against illegal immigrants and helping them protect from law enforcement personnel which is not cool in my books. It seems mind boggling that some places would defy the federal government and the law to protect some people who are here illegally. I mean would you ever protect some stranger who will want to dwell in your house. All over the world, the illegal immigrants are tracked down and sent home even if they have not committed any crimes and are just trying to survive. One would I suppose would not allow someone to enter their house illegally, so how can one country allow somebody to come illegally without any documents.
The argument behind sanctuary places is that the illegal aliens have done nothing wrong except they are here illegally and they are not criminals but the same can be said about some guests in your house who have exemplary in their behavior and help you in every way but still they are treated as guests and not as permanent members of your family. Also I understand the path that people are escaping from poverty and war but so are other people from other parts of the world, if you want to be fair then people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and some war ravaged countries of Africa are equally deserving of coming here illegally. Every country in the world have border controls and only allow people after thorough vetting and with proper documentation like a license so they same should apply to the United States. It is just my belief because if you not welcome in a country, you should not push yourself to gain acceptance through illegal means.

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