Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Seventh Anniversary of my Father’s Death

How time flies as today I mark the seventh death anniversary of my dear father leaving the loved ones from this earth. Despite the passage of time, the void has not been filled and it will remain so forever as I keep on mourning his demise. As in previous years, last year was no different as I have numerous dreams of my father smiling and strangely younger in my dreams except one. I still miss his voice and his smile and his guidance on all things worldly and religiously. As with all the people who have lost one or both their parents, I regret not spending enough time with him as we are all guilty of taking them for granted not knowing that death can come any time and then you would not be able to spend time any more. I miss him so much that I still cry sometimes or think about him but I am at least satisfied that he is now in a better place. But the pain of him not being with me is too much to bear sometimes. I wish I can see him again as the memories are not enough to give me peace or solace. I wish he could have lived much longer but that is not the case anymore. Another year gone by and I mourn and will keep on mourning till I die. Rest in peace Daddy I love you eternally.

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