Monday, May 4, 2015

Feeling indispensable

I don’t know if you have met some people in your life like in work or some other place who think that the organization or whatever they are part of cannot work without them and they feel that they are very indispensable to that organization. They are like more loyal than the king kind of stuff that they feel that what they are doing is the right thing even more than the managers and upper management does. They worry about their work during the work time and when they are going on vacation or are supposedly thinking that they are being sent on vacation by the company, they are worried what would happen to their work and the company while they are away. They feel like the whole company would fall down if they are not there and they don’t only make their life miserable but everybody around them especially the people working under them. But it is no shock to find out that nobody is indispensable and everybody can be replaced. It seems that when someone feels they are indispensable, it I just that the company makes them feel that way, otherwise when leave the company, it may be sometimes hard to work for a few months but things ultimately becomes back to normal and the indispensable person is either forgotten or just fades out of memory. All that worrying about your work or whatever you do have comes down to nothing and your indispensability myth is shattered once you are not there anymore. So some people should get off their high horse and work like they can be replaced anytime instead of feeling so important that you are making everybody life miserable for nothing.

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