Monday, July 2, 2012

People, votes, politicians and policies

Every time, I see a post on Middle east conflict or something happening near the Middle East, there are tons of comments about how we should get out of the area and let it leave it to fend for itself and then I see how people who write these comments vote for Politicians who vote for this trouble spot or make policies that drag us into that hot shot. Granted that out of many comments, many of the people may not have even voted or voted for the politicians who oppose our policies in the middle east but even if there are few who do vote, then the commentators are equally responsible for our involvement since they don’t take to task such politicians once they are elected. These politicians who get elected on the basis of their opposition to the middle east policies but once in congress they change their minds ( I don’t know why) and vote to stay in that troubled hot spot. There is no greater part of the world that has given the U.S. much grieve and anguish than is the Middle east and no matter how hard we try to stay away, we keep on getting drawn to it even while opposing some of the policies that gives us trouble. So even voting for the so called right politician does not guarantee that your voice will be heard on the Middle East issue since there are larger interests at hand than the interests of a bunch of small voters who may or may not understand the complexities that is the MIDDLE EAST.

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