Monday, July 12, 2010

Above 50 and Unemployed

Now here is a kicker, although age discrimination is not allowed in Federal law but it is widely practiced but it is hard to prove that you have been denied a job just because you are an older employee. It was supposed to be that if you are in your late fifties, you would be discriminated but now since this economic recession, it has come down to low fifties since the employers have a wide pool from which to choose the prospective employees.Whatever the reason (they are more experienced, more expensive to hire and insure, they demand more money, they are assumed to be rigid in terms of learning new technologies and so forth), it is really unfair to discriminate against them. That is why the people who are 60 and above, they have seen the light and have decided to apply for Medicare and society security and go into semi retirement, even though they want to work. It is a waste of their experience and talent.

I have read countless stories about the above 50 unemployed and several surveys have come out stating that they are getting a longer time to find a job if they find one which nearly mirrors their experience. You should think about where these people would go they have already been looking for a job for a long time and over that if they are discriminated against then you are wasting a lot of untapped talent and reinforcing stereotypes.

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